Image: Federico Passi, 2016


Dates: November 17, 2016 – February 17, 2017

Vicolo di Bologna 39, Roma

ESSERE was featured in a Trastevere-wide group exhibition entitled TRASTEVERE: Intrecci d’arte e di vita. The group of site specific installations entitled ‘Divinazione’ was curated by Andrea Fogli.

Dimensions: 45’ x 80’ x 3’ (H x W x D )

Light, fabric, silver paper, moss, mirror.

Sound: Each evening at sunset, the vicolo was filled with the atmospheric sounds from Intero, a fragment of the life-long work of composer Walter Branchi, which accompanied the installation. 


ESSERE, was a site-specific installation in a dark, narrow passageway situated within the ancient heart of Trastevere in Rome.  The work, invited by the exuberant artist/curator/activist Andrea Fogli, was a collaboration with the monumental wisteria vine that dominates the ruin of a crumbling building.  The chosen site, becomes a dramatic stage set wherein the elements of ESSERE,  magnify the understated beauty of the existing elements surrounding the vine, the darkness and shadow, the decaying wall, the cobblestones, and sounds of the surround.  The eye is first drawn to a delicate enigmatic silhouette of an ancient She-Wolf reflecting the ambient light, an apparition in silver applied to a small patch of crumbling stucco adjacent to the mysterious locked and broken door. Two serpentine forms of silver and green fabric entwine in counter clockwise spirals up and into the  ascending tendrils, climbing gracefully from it’s massive base up to the roof of the building, seeking their own direction on high, mimicking the caduceus on the facade of the historic apothecary ‘Pharmacy of Santa Maria della Scala’.  A single mirror placed behind existing security bars reflects the viewer into the vicolo’s opposite scene, creating a mysterious depth seemingly from within.