Year: 2014

MacDowell Colony Amphitheatre
Peterborough, NH

Created in collaboration with composer Walter Branchi for the MacDowell Colony Medal Day

Approximately 120’ H x 80’ Diameter

Elastic thread, hardware

Ineffable was a delicate, temporary installation made from an assemblage of hardly perceptible white threads, radiating from the top of a tall tree, fanning out over the stone amphitheater within the mossy woods below. The rays of this tent-like structure, when viewed from a distance coalesced into a distinct geometric form equaling far more than the sum of its’ parts.

The piece was intended to sharpen our awareness of place and to augment our emotional relationship with light and the environment.

The work was inspired by the exquisite amphitheater set into the wooded landscape, looking 270 degrees West at Mount Monadnock. The installation, made specifically for Medal Day at the MacDowell Colony during a 2014 residency there, was presented with Ora, di Terra, an atmospheric composition by Walter Branchi.

Ora, di terra

The work is music not only to be listened to, it is an open construct for listening to the soundscape of a natural setting. It is composed of air and, like the air, is evanescent. Its structure weaves into and magnifies a given situation, connecting that which it encounters: sounds, light, people, trees, insects, perfumes…

– Walter Branchi