Wild Graces

Wild Graces

Ombre dal Lupercale , TEVERETERNO
Piazza Tevere, Rome, Italy


Variable, designed to be shown in a a space 560m (1800’) L

Projected animations

Five luminous She-Wolves, accurately rendered from over two thousand years of historical sources, were transformed into fluid, white light. The mythological wolves came to life through the accurate craft of hand-drawn animation, awakening their character from the still, historical sources. Projected among a frieze of twelve majestic shadow silhouettes on the 32’ H embankment walls of the Tiber River, they began to breathe, grew aware, and became the living guardians of the site itself, symbols of the origin of a rich civilization.

Wild Graces was researched and advised by scholar Claudio Parisi Presicce, and created in collaboration with Jee Hyun Yoo and Ji Hyun Song.

A site-specific, commissioned work created for TEVERETERNO’s 2006 festival, Ombre dal Lupercale,Wild Graces has also been featured in:

Trilogy: The She Wolf as Shape of Time (2009), Rome, Italy

She Wolves: from Tiber to Hudson (2008), New York, NY, USA